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Zippy Hendirez 3.0


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Sunday, January 16, 2011



After a series of cars that each cost less than $1500, I finally decided to see about a car that had a few less miles.

I know the PT isn't the most popular car, but that fact let me get it for about $2k below blue book value, so I'll go with it.

And it's got working AC! And heat! And space for stuff!

Xander approves because the stereo is nicer to listen to his guitar music and there's not so much road noise as the previous car (1993 Buick Century)

I also like having windows that go up and down in seconds, not minutes (like the afore-mentioned Buick).


Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hello everyone.

I think I'm back here for a while. I'm finding that I don't really have an outlet for my thoughts anymore, and that it's now something I miss again, which I haven't in almost two years.

A lot -- and nothing -- has happened since my last post. Sara moved out, and we finalized our divorce in December. Xander has grown into a wonderful boy, almost 6 now. He's become a fan of music, playing guitar and drums, along with whatever else he can bang on.

He started kindergarten this year and enjoys it. He's playing basketball at the Y and has fun with it.

Meanwhile, I'm still me. Still being a photographer on weekends, running the Web on weekdays. I'm dating someone, but it really should be "dating" because we'll go weeks without seeing each other, despite that she lives about 10 minutes away.

I'm still trying to figure out what the future holds.