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Monday, December 31, 2007

Here Comes Another Year! Run! Save Yourself!

So here I am, waiting for 2008. I may even stay up that late, since I'm trying to figure out just how far I want to go into this weekend wedding photography gig (yes, I keep saying I'm an event photographer...but I've had one event and four weddings. Um.)

Two of those weddings were in the last week, including an emergency session for my wife's cousin, whose photographer didn't return their calls for a week prior to the wedding (He did call, three hours before the wedding, to ask when he should be there.)

But I'd say it went well. The first couple I shot was a small wedding (meaning, minister, me, bride, groom, three guests. That's it) and they e-mailed me back to say that of the 143 shots I gave them, they considered 73 to be "great". That's a far better average than I usually assess myself, since I still work on the old photojournalist rule that in a given 36-shot roll of film, you'll usually have 3 solid shots.

I'm definitely getting better at this whole thing, and slowly realizing that there's little things I can do to improve, rather than drop lots of money on lenses and such.

Of course, I'll need to do that too, eventually. Some of the lenses I'm using really aren't designed for what I'm using them for. But they work for now.

Work is okay. My coworker's on paternity leave, and he'll be back next Monday. But really, if there's two weeks in the year to do my job solo, these would be the two weeks. I'm taking a week off in January simply because it was impossible for me to take all my assigned time off within 2007 (and I still have a week carrying over to '08)

Christmas was good. I ended up with a new coat and seven new books. Xander's now got a toddler bed with Thomas the Tank Engine sheets, and has yet to ask where the crib went, plus a basketball hoop and more Thomas toys.

I hit a bird with my car (or, the bird hit my car, depending on your point of view). I was getting on I-75 from the Norwood Lateral, and it just flew across the front of my car and I hit it. 22 years of driving, and that's never happened to me before.

As George mentioned on Seinfeld, I thought the birds and I had an agreement.

I could do a lookback at 2007 like some people I've seen do on their blogs. But honestly, I don't remember all that much. It still feels like yesterday and a decade ago.

But I hope all y'all have yourself a good 2008.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The Sounds Of Christmas

I thought it was a good idea.

I still think it's mostly a good idea.

But that cymbal is awful clangy...


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Oh, Boy.

It seems that I can't go more than a year or two without having to make a major decision about my employment future.

In this case, I'd be in the same building, doing a similar job, with more responsibility, for a different company.

And a former co-worker I talked to about the job gave voice to a concern that I've not even voiced to myself, but felt -- that the company I work for now is not the one I signed up for, and it's changing away from that every day.

But I'd give up my rather lenient schedule for a solid 9-5, which would eliminate the time I spend with X before dinner. Heck, Squeaky and I would get home about the same time, which would leave about 90 minutes to get X (and us) fed, X bathed and in bed.

And odds are, I'd only see a slight bump in pay. Wouldn't be able to take the bus anymore, either.

Not that I'm a shoe-in to get the job, either. I know one person the news director is going to call, if he hasn't already, and odds are she'd be his favorite for it. Could I work under her? Certainly.

But my career advancement in my current job is already at an end, unless I wish to move to the home office -- and I don't. So, if I want to stay at this station, this is the only route to move up.

And if I stay at what I'm doing, I'll be the head worker bee pretty much until someone tells me to go away. The new position would likely mean less work-work and more creative thinking, forward thinking--which is probably more stressful than what I do now.

But would it be more rewarding? What more can I do where I am now? Is that the important thing?

I suspect that, regardless, I'm going to apply for it. What I'm going to do from there, though...

We shall see.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Christmas Tree Time


Friday, December 07, 2007


This week, on Look Before You Post Theater...

Really, people, is this the best image to go with the story you're talking about?

Here We Go Again

Back in at 2 a.m. for another round of winter. Sleet and freezing rain, mainly. Did some old work on video segments that failed to load. Napped.

Going home at noon. Time for more nap.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Midnight In The Garden Of Snow And Wind

It's 1 a.m., and I'm at work, waiting for the White Death to arrive (also known as 1 to 3 inches of snow).

Sure, I could'a waited until morning. But then I'd have to drive in with the nuts who think snow is just white rain. And I like my car intact.

So, here I am, catching up on housekeeping like renewing my insurance and fixing some byline issues.

Oh, and blogging.

Heavens, late-night TV is just awful. How many phone chat lines are there, anyway?

So far, I've seen nine snowflakes.