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Zippy Hendirez 3.0


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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's Raining Rain ... Hallelujah

My wedding couple paid me the rest of the money, so that paid for groceries.

It's raining, thank heavens. Maybe a bit much, but was wonderful to sleep to last night.

I was amused while going to meet Squeaky and Boo to find that KDOT decided to simply tell people "Hey, high water ahead" rather than close two of three lanes on I-471...which given the amount of water I drove through, they probably should have.

This morning, I passed a smashed SUV on the Norwood Lateral, then drove around some guy's front bumper laying in the right lane about a mile later.

Someone noted that Cincinnati folk don't know what to do in the rain. I pointed out that in every major city in which I've covered news, people didn't know what to do in the rain. She felt better immediately.

In dumbass news, a local interstate was closed for a bit because someone drove into a construction zone with a trailer too they had to move EVERY INDIVIDUAL MEDIAN BARRIER so he could pass.

That's a paddlin'


Thursday, October 18, 2007


False Alarm

Also known as "fun with camera on bus ride home"


Friday, October 12, 2007


Okay, I Admit, I Love Lolcats is a daily must.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

I Still Don't Like Weddings

But, today's was much better feeling than previous ones. I can't say I shot it any better or worse, but I can say that Lightsphere Chinese knock-off I bought was worth it. The ceilings were painted brown.

Yes, brown.

So bounce flash was right out. The Chightsphere (as I'll call it) did a nice job of lighting at close range while not blowing out the background or the subjects.

I also shot just over 350 photos, mainly in posed shots, though I did get a nice seven-shot sequence of the first kiss when the bride kissed the groom so hard and fast that his hat fell off.

Downside, the groom apparently forgot that he needed to pay me tonight, so I'll be watching the mail for the check.

The video guy was from Toledo (I can't imagine driving the length of Ohio to shoot a wedding) and we talked shop a good bit.

Oh, and the heat. OMG, the heat. It was 90 with come-and-go clouds. Fortunately, the clouds came more often than went, so it was marginally bearable. Even so, I sweated through my dress shirt three times in four hours.

I still had a rather high percentage of not-particularly sharp photos, and that's bugging me. Is it my lenses? The camera? Something I'm doing wrong? Grrrr...

Oh well. If I ever get another wedding to shoot, we shall see.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

I Haven't Got Time For The Pain

I can't say I feel much better than the last time I wrote here. But I simply have too much to do to care.

Work is gearing up. The elections in Ohio tend to be off-year, so while many places have only a few things on the ballot, we might have 450 to cover on Nov. 8.

Um. Yeah. Thank heavens for automation.

Xander story time: We were getting food at the drive-thru when he said he wanted to go see fire engines. I pointed out that we had to get Mama some food because she was hungry.

His response: "Mama's full!"