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Zippy Hendirez 3.0


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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Birds Sing, The Heavens Open, And Lo, Kickoff Has Come

In other words, college football season has begun.



Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Artificial Love

As an occasionally-professional photographer/videographer over the years, I have a certain affection for light and how it changes a scene.

At the same time, I have a certain disdain for artificial light. More precisely, I hate it.

It comes from my old days as an overnight photographer in Toledo, where shining a big ol' 250-watt light was liable to get you shot at (or have rocks thrown at you). Plus, when you used a light, everything stopped the instant you turned it on. People stopped doing what they were doing to look at you, or turned away. Generally, while making a scene better lit, it also made it less interesting.

So eventually, I didn't even get the light out of the truck.

But even before that, when I was shooting for newspapers, I would much rather push the film speed and get a grainy photo than use a flash, which suddenly would alert everyone "Hey, there's a photographer here."

However, since starting my little side business, I've had to take a different look at flash and what it can do. And eventually, I decided to get a real flash.


Let's just say, this thing is so much more advanced than the last flash I owned that there's no comparison. It's wonderful. It's fast. It's accurate. And best of all, it's pretty easy to make it look like natural light, rather than artificial.

Just on a short test, I can say I'm almost looking forward to using flash at my next shoot next week.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Wow. I haven't done much here lately.

Beach trip home was good, thanks to the portable DVD player we bought for the car, just in case.

Since then, it's really just been work.


We bought a ladder to get a tree limb down. That was...different from a usual day.


How you doin?


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Beach

Overall, I'd say Xander likes the beach

He has to look stylish for the beach babes.

A budding excavator

I wasn't sure how he'd take to the ocean, but he shows no fear, even when splashed ("Salty," he says)

Of course, the pool's a pretty big hit as well.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hot. Did I Mention Hot. I Did? Oh. BTW, Hot.

Apparently, all the cool weather we had in July? We have to pay for it now. This week. Immediately.

It was damn near 80 when I left to catch the bus this morning. Plus, somehow, the 39 bus smelled like my junior high locker room again. There's nobody ON the damn bus when I get on. How?

The trip home is equally fun. The available "shade" at the bus stop, isn't. But at least I haven't had a bus with broken AC like I did last week when it was only in the mid-80s.

Soon, we head off to ol' OIB for vacation, our first, really, since Xander joined us. Plus, since we don't live in S.C. anymore, it's now a 12-14 hour drive, not the 5 hours it was before. Oh well.

I'll have pretty limited Internet access there. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but I'm leaning toward good. I'll still take the laptop, of course, and I know where the (few) free Wi-Fi spots are in the county, but if I never log in, I can't say I'll be terribly upset.

Mind you, the last time I did the trip? I logged in every day via 28.8k dialup to check on the site.

Things change. Or it's the antidepressants. Whichever.

Xander's reaction to the ocean should be entertaining. He likes water. He's never seen bigger than the stream down at the park, though.



Wednesday, August 01, 2007


My parent company is in Mendota Heights, not very close to where the I-35W bridge fell into the Mississippi River tonight, but nonetheless, I hope none of my coworkers were on it.


Sunshine Day

It's a tad warm outside today.

(photographed at the intersection of Crescentville Road and Ohio State Route 747, West Chester Township)